Since our inception, we have created and launched numerous technologies platforms, using the current standards and practices, for clients ranging from small start-up companies to large corporations.

At GR33N MEDIA we know there must be a balance between function and design. Our creative team of designers has delivered past clients a perfect balance between the two, never forgetting that having a well designed and functional platform is key. 


We have a special feeling about Fitness, Health and Wellness industries. We know that with our 'geeky' tech skills and our passion for fitness and health, we have so much to offer to this powerful, inspiring and constantly growing industry. Gyms, Indoor Cycling Studios, Fitness Talents, Nutritionist, Personal Trainers, Runners Clubs, Triathletes, Specialty Coaches or Trainers talk to us about your needs - we have very special deals for you!


Let's talk about your e-commerce project!. We will help you and give you the right advice of what will be the best solution to your needs.

With over 8+ years of experience developing, adapting and deploying e-commerce platforms in web and mobile platforms (iOS and Android), we are confident we can help you achieve your goal. Talk to us about your next project!

We are Designers, Business Thinkers, Risk Takers, Geeks but the most important one, WE ARE YOUR BACKEND to help you create, develop and deploy your next "big thing"!

Our business expertise

We've been advising companies not only in the development side but also in digital business strategy. 

While maintaining our position at the forefront of media expertise, GR33N MEDIA will provide your business with the answer to increased revenue, guaranteed ROI, and ultimately business growth and flourishing in the digital world.